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Xflow Supported Purpose Codes

October 2022

Following are the purpose codes supported by Xflow -

P0102 - Realisation of export bills (in respect of goods) sent on collection (full invoice value)

P0103 - Advance receipts against export contracts, which will be covered later by GR/PP/SOFTEX/SDF

P0201 - Receipts of surplus freight/passenger fare by Indian shipping companies operating abroad

P0801 - Hardware consultancy/implementation

P0802 - Software consultancy/implementation (other than those covered in SOFTEX form)

P0803 - Data base, data processing charges

P0804 - Repair and maintenance of computer and software

P0806 - Other information services - Subscription to newspapers, periodicals, etc.

P0807 - Off site Software Exports

P0901 - Franchises services – patents,copy rights, trade marks, industrial processes, franchises etc.

P0902 - Receipts for use, through licensing arrangements, of produced originals or prototypes (such as manuscripts and films)

P1002 - Trade related services – Commission on exports/imports

P1004 - Legal services

P1005 - Accounting, auditing, book keeping and tax consulting services

P1006 - Business and management consultancy and public relations services

P1007 - Advertising, trade fair, market research and public opinion polling services

P1008 - Research & Development services

P1009 - Architectural, engineering and other technical services

P1014 - Engineering Services

P1016 - Market research and public opinion polling service

P1017 - Publishing and printing services

P1019 - Commission agent services

P1020 - Wholesale and retailing trade services

P1022 - Other Technical Services including scientific/space services

P1109 - Other Personal, Cultural & Recreational services

P1101 - Audio-visual and related services – services and associated fees related to production of motion pictures, rentals, fees received by actors, directors, producers and fees for distribution rights

P1104 - Entertainment services

P1107 - Educational services (e.g. fees received for correspondence courses offered to non-resident by Indian institutions)

P1306 - Receipts / Refund of taxes

P1501 - Refunds / rebates on account of imports

P1502 - Reversal of wrong entries, refunds of amount remitted for non-imports

P1701 - Receipts on account of processing of goods